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How often do you see your Accountant? Once a year? Around tax time? In a competitive environment, that is simply too long. Your CPA firm should be a competitive asset to help you plan and anticipate. Not an after thought that deals with the past. EssentialCFO is ready to right source your finance and accounting work. Saving you money and giving you better access to the critical data you need to run your business. We use cutting edge technology and value pricing to partner with our clients so we both grow and succeed. Oh yeah, we can do your taxes too.  

Here's how we make it simple.

Fractional Accounting

Let us take over the process of accounting for you. Turn over as much or as little as you would like. We can do everything from staff support to full accounting services. 

Financial System Design 

Are you planning on changing your accounting system? Are you getting everything you need from your current system? Let us help you design and implement control systems that work for you.

Tax Planning

Who isn't worried about paying too much in taxes? Let us help you plan for the future.

Tax Compliance

From simple return preparation to complex international issues we can help. Income and transaction tax compliance is important. Have confidence that it is done right.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you thinking about getting out of your business? Want to sell? Or maybe you are just ready to find a way out? The process of investing or divesting a business is complex and it takes careful planning to ensure maximum value. We can help simplify the process and make it easy for you to understand.

Succession Planning

Maximum value takes planning, effort, and above all, experience. Let us put our experience to work for you to ensure your plans for the future of your company are effective.

Risk Management

Nothing is more scary for a business owner than the thought they might have missed something that will hurt their business. Let us help you manage those risks by identifying them and designing control systems to manage them.

IT Support

IT used to be its own process. But with technology advancing at such a rapid speed, IT and Accounting have become one. Let us help you manage the process to ensure efficient deployment of capital. From complex infrastructure projects to simple help desk. We can help you manage the headache.

Application Development

Do you have individual IT issues that need to be addressed? We can help. We have deep experience in developing custom solutions to complicated software problems.

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