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Jun 11
Look for us next week at Scaling New Heights

​EssentialCFO is hosting a VIP hospitality suite next week at the JW Marriot Resort.

I'm excited to thank our clients who've made this world class reporting and BI tools their stock in trade.  They are reaping the benefits of what we believe is the most robust reporting solution available to QuickBooks users at any price. 

I know everyone is price sensitive.

Giving you an opportunity to experience what we offer is my goal so we created an introductory offer.  Sign up for the software for the price of the basic dashboard, that's only $19.99 and get use of everything in our collection until the end of July.  That's a savings of over $120!

See what your client's data looks like on our dashboards, charts, graphs and scorecards.  Let them see the results and value.  After the introductory period our al a carte pricing allows you to pay for exactly what you want.

Take advantage of the offer and you'll be introduced to the software and the people that make it possible in our suite.  We'll guide you through the installation process and show you how to use the Custom Dashboard Designer.

Email me for a schedule of our group presentations and we'll see you next week in San Antonio.

Look for The Cubes…

Mar 20
Dashboards from $19.99

We're committed to providing our clients with the product they need.  We realize that there is no one reporting solution or dashboard for every customer.

In order to give you what you need for yourselves and your clients we're introducing a la carte service and pricing.  You can now decide what you need and pay only for that.

That's right!  For as little as $19.99 per month you will get a simple yet comprehensive dashboard providing a general overview of the company's financial fitness.

 Here's the new EssentialCFO price list:  
Dashboard (Required)19.99 
Cash Management Dashboard7.99 
Sales Dashboard7.99 
Inventory Dashboard7.99 
Projects Dashboard7.99 
Time Tracking Dashboard7.99 
Users  (Additional)1.99 
Purchase Orders14.99 
Custom Dashboard Designer (Per user/Per Data File)24.99 
Consolidation Module (Per Data File)7.99 


Feb 12
Ready for a quick break from a stack of 1040's?

Take a break from that mountain of tax returns and check out something exciting!

EssentialCFO and the new consolidation module will change the way your clients see their entire financial picture.  Two or more QuickBooks files represented on the same dashboard.

Fortune500 style reporting, KPIs, security, highly customizable dashboards, purchase orders and receiver module- The list goes on…

Let us know when to schedule your private online demonstration of the software that will change how you get the right data in front of your clients, forever.​

Aug 19
Letter to The Cloud Summit 2013 Attendees and Sponsors

​It was great meeting you at Cloud Summit 2013.  It's fun for me to be in an atmosphere surrounded by people that want to take their practices to the next level.

I'm happy you're interested in seeing the EssentialCFO demonstration firsthand.

Certainly after being away from the office last week you're busy but let's schedule a time so you can take that look and see what's here for you and your clients.

After the demo I'll issue you coupons that will allow you to place your client's data file on the software.  That will provide you the opportunity to see the full functionality and beautiful reporting you can generate using our system.

Give us an hour; it could be one of the most important appointments you keep this year.

Thank you again,


Jun 24
Greetings from Scaling New Heights!

Well, it is late on Monday and we just finished our social outing at the Fantasmic show.  It was fantastic!  Thanks to all of the people who attended.  I sure hope you had fun, and I look forward to next year when we can do it again.



Jun 17
Welcome to the EssentialCFO Blog Postings!


​This is my first entry here, and I wanted say first and foremost thank you for taking the time to come and look at our product offerings.  If you have a virtual CFO practice, or you own a small business I think we can help you expand and grow your business.  ​If when Looking around you have questions feel free to call us - 855-400-3236 (ECFO) or 720.800.4900.  We would love to hear from you if you need help, have a comment, or a question.

Check back often as we will be posting new blogs frequently.  Some postings will be from other industry veterans about things that just might be of interest to you.  Our goal here is to educate, inform and even entertain the fellow finance professionals that need business intelligence solutions.  

Thanks Again,

Tom Wierimaa